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Before replacing your sofa recliner or sectional, give us a chance to demonstrate our quality work, we can clean any material fibers or leather


Steam or dry clean material , our experience of work will change your mind on buying new furniture, lets us help you save money just by cleaning your upholstery and protect your investmen, by also applying deodorizer for pet odor removal that will kill odor germs lice and bacteriaon your upholstery fibers, after cleaning is also recommended to re-apply protector for any future stains or accidents on your upholstery.


Have pets? no problem we have products with enzymes that can be apply and neutralize odors and is safe for pets, kids.



Do i need to vacuum the furniture before the service?

It is helpful but not required.

How long does the furniture takes to dry?

Average between four to six hours.

Can the furniture be scotchgard and deodorized?

Yes it could be, after cleaning.

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