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First impression is important , clean tile clean grout means clean house. No worries at Kyms carpet tile and upholstery cleaning we understand how hard is to keep your floors clean.


We can get your tile floors clean again giving you the privilege to walk bear foot again on your floors.


Our process is simple, steam clean is the best way to clean your floors, we move most of your furniture to get better results , either is ceramic tile, Mexican satillo, tile, marble or granite, travertine, terrazzo, vinyl floors, cork floors or wooden , any natural stone we clean them all.


After cleaning is also recommended to seal your grout lines with clear seal than wont change the color of the grout lines, if is natural stone is also recommended to seal the stone.



Do I need to move the furniture prior the service?

Is helpful but not required. Fragile items are suggested to be moved only.

How long does the average service takes?

Average house floor service is done the same day.

How often should i clean my floors?

Depends on the traffic, is recommended once a year.

Can the floor be sealed?

Is recommended to seal the grout lines.

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